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At Oral-B we know that working and managing a practice is not always easy. That's why we have developed the materials below to help you manage your business and patients successfully.

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Dentistry, as a health care profession, is actually a vocation or “calling” to provide needed dental services to society. As such, it is common for both the practitioner who has just graduated, as well as the seasoned, well-established dentist, hygienist, or office manager to have little focus or training on the dental practice business aspects. In our increasingly complex society, the business aspects of dentistry have become more important for even the “survival” of certain dental practice styles provides resources helping you manage day-to-day business activities enabling you to run a successful practice & help you patients achieve the best results.

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In order to keep things running smoothly and achieve the highest quality care possible, management of personnel is a constant part of the organization. Especially hiring plays a key role in order to attract, find and keep high quality personnel.

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There is no one simple way of scheduling a dental practice that works for everyone. The day-to-day operations of a dental practice require a great deal of planning for effective scheduling in order for the practice to run smoothly. This section of the Practice Management Toolbox will attempt to help your office work together as a team for a comfortable and stress-free daily schedule.

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The practice of hygiene is almost an entire business within the larger clinic setting of oral healthcare delivery. The hygienist has a unique set of items to consider and address when selecting the style of practice that is best for each individual personality.
The “Toolkit” contains various items to help the hygienist accomplish these goals, to be satisfied in his/her role in the dental environment, and to continue to be the preventative specialist in the dental practice.

One of the most important aspects of every position of the dental team is to have excellent communication skills. Interacting with people is a key part of oral health care between professionals, within the team, with the public and especially with our patients. Understanding the basic principles of good communication should be a requirement for everyone and their application in oral health care is an absolute "must". This section of the practice management "Toolkit" deals with some of the aspects of acquiring and applying communication skills.


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