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Up to Date Seminar :
Presenters: Mr. Philip Ower, Professor Nicola West


Venue: Manchester, Copthorne Hotel, M50 3SN


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  • 18:30
Lecture 1
Followed by Q&A
  • 19:30
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  • 20:00
Lecture 2
Followed by Q&A
  • 21:00
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  • Presenter
  • Mr. Philip Ower

The Recession Obsession

Gingival recession is a common condition that affects a significant proportion of the adult population and an increasing proportion of teenagers and young adults.  It is often perceived by patients to be  a major problem and these patients can often become quite concerned and seek advice from dental professionals about its cause and management.  The prevalence of recession increases with age, hence the common expression ‘getting long in the tooth’.

The aetiology of gingival recession may be complex and multifactorial, including periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis), anatomical factors (bone and soft tissue), iatrogenic factors such as arch expansion orthodontics and other patient-related factors such as smoking, oral hygiene habits and intraoral jewelry.

Management of recession defects may range from self-care only, utilising specific toothbrushing techniques and oral hygiene products, to complex mucogingival surgery to achieve root coverage that may require specialist intervention.  Much depends on whether the recession is the result of pathology or anatomy.  This presentation will cover the classification, aetiology, management and treatment of recession defects for different groups of patients.

Aims and Objectives
• Understand the aetiology and classification of gingival recession.
• Appreciate how to manage recession defects for different groups of patients.
• Know when it is appropriate to refer patients and what specialist care may be appropriate.

  • Professor Nicola West

Clinical Strategies to Prevent and Manage Dental Erosion

Erosive tooth wear, for the majority of individuals, is a totally preventable condition. Contemporary figures show the prevalence of tooth wear is increasing and common in both deciduous and adult dentitions.The impact of moderate to severe tooth wear can be significant leading to poor aesthetics, sensitivity, loss of function, gingival recessionand sometimes loss of self-esteem. Due to the gradual and often sporadic nature of tooth wear, it can be difficult to diagnose and assessments to predict susceptibility are not currently available.Once advanced, lesions are clearly visible to the patient, however at thislate stage restorative intervention may be necessary accompanied with life long dental treatment. Hence the need to be more proactive at prevention of erosive tooth wear, as individuals, professionals and regulatory bodies.

Overall management of erosive tooth wear should start with screening all patients on a regular basis. Early diagnosis of erosion is optimal and key so that preventive measures can be implemented. Some oral health care products,for example toothpastes or mouthrinses, have the potential for slowing the progression of erosive tooth wear, and are straightforward and effective to administer.However, tooth brushing should not be performed immediately after acid exposure, when the surface is softened. Restorative materials and bonding systems are only used if absolutely necessary and referral to a specialist or a general practitioner is generally advised at this stage.


Aims and Objectives
• This presentation is aimed to impart current knowledge and future vision on diagnosis and manage erosive toothwearfor the dental team.
• Understand the aetiology, susceptibility and impact of erosive toothwear
• Gain knowledge on current preventative management of erosive toothwear
• Know when to refer toothwear

  • 04/05/2017
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