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Benefits of Dental Fluoride Explain to your patients how fluoride works to prevent tooth decay.
Bleeding Gums Teach your patients about the causes of bleeding gums and how you treat them.
Burning Mouth Syndrome Educate your patients on the causes, symptoms, and treatment of burning mouth syndrome.
Canker Sores Help your patients understand what canker sores are, their symptoms and how to treat them .
Causes of dry mouth A simple overview on Dry Mouth, the syptoms & tips for making your patients comfortable throughout the day.
Cold Sores Share with your patients the symptoms and causes of cold sores and how to treat them effectively.
Dental Abscess Help your patients understand the causes of a dental abscess and how it is treated.
Dental Check Up's Why are regular dental visits important?
Dental Hygiene for Kids Teach your patients who are parents the importance of dental care in children and its overall health benefit.
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