Oral-B Ortho replacement heads

Oral-B Ortho replacement heads

Product Type: Electric Toothbrush

The Oral-B Ortho Replacement Heads are ideal for the cleaning and care of dental braces and orthodontic work. Replacement Head's Bristles are specially configured to clean easily around orthodontic appliances. When used in Deep Clean Mode, the 3-minute timer allows for additional brushing for patients with orthodontics


• The Ortho Care Essentials replacement brush head pack cleans deep between teeth and around bridges, crowns, implants and braces.
• Fits the spaces around orthodontic appliances
• Oral-B Ortho replacement head: Thoroughly cleans and gently removes dental plaque with a special tufting pattern on the bristles
• Interspace Replacement Brush Head: Cleans deep between teeth as well as around orthodontic appliances


This Oral-B Ortho Care essentials brush heads kit contains a comprehensive oral care kit for fresh breath and healthy gums, including an interspace brush head and 2 ortho brush heads. They are dentist inspired tools for the effective cleaning of the inter-dental spaces.

Pack contents 3 brush heads:
- 1 interspace brushes to reach small spaces.
- 2 Ortho brush heads

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