Oral-B Complete 3D White toothbrush

Oral-B Complete 3D White toothbrush

Product Type: Manual Toothbrush

Naturally white teeth in 3 weeks*
These brushes maximize your tooth brushing experience with different heads designed to clean your mouth, stimulate your gums, remove surface stains and more.

* Naturally whitens teeth by removing surface stains


Polished end-rounded bristles are gentle on teeth and gums
Blue Oral-B Indicator bristles fade halfway so you know when to replace your brush
Oral-B Power Tip bristles help you reach back teeth
Ergonomically designed handle for better comfort and control


• Unique Polishing Cup bristles: Bristles design with tightly packed centre bristles encircled by taller angled bristles that help hold toothpaste to effectively clean away stains for a naturally whiter smile
• Power Tip® bristles: Extra-long bristles to brush hard-to-reach areas
• Indicator® bristles: Blue bristles that fade halfway to signal when to replace your brush

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