Oral-B Complete Clean 3in1 toothbrush

Oral-B Complete Clean 3in1 toothbrush

Product Type: Manual Toothbrush

For an all-around clean in three ways.
The Oral-B Complete 3in1 toothbrush features a brush head specially designed to give you an all-around clean in three different ways.
1. Cleans
2. Freshens
3. Stimulates


Polished end-rounded bristles are gentle on teeth and gums
Blue Oral-B Indicator bristles fade halfway so you know when to replace your toothbrush
Oral-B Power Tip bristles help you reach back teeth
“V” shaped bristles fit your teeth comfortable and securely
Built-in tongue cleaner on the reverse side of the brush head helps freshen breath
Two rows of soft gum stimulators, positioned on either side of the brush head, massage gums
ComfortEaseTM handle promotes the fluid and gentle brushing motion recommended by dentists


• Multi-level bristles: Reach between teeth in hard-to-reach areas to remove plaque and stimulate gums
• Tongue cleaner: Helps freshen breath; positioned on the back of the brush head
• Soft gum stimulators: Massage along the gum line

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