Oral-B SATINtape Dental Floss

Oral-B SATINtape Dental Floss

Product Type: Oral-B Dental Floss

Its ribbon form is just the thing for wider spaces.
In addition to the silky texture to wrap comfortably around fingers, Oral-B dental floss has a ribbon-like shape to help clean wider spaces between teeth. Plus, It leaves a burst of minty freshness on contact to let you know it’s working.


• Ribbon-like shape and wide surface area helps clean wider spaces between teeth
• Is easy to insert and handle to help you reach even the tightest spots
• Lets you know its working by adding a burst of mint freshness
• Is gentle on gums and fingers for your comfort


• Ribbon-like shape: Cleans wide spaces between teeth
• Satin-like finish
o Gentle on gums and fingers for your comfort
o Easy to insert, so you can reach even the tightest spots
o Comfortable to handle, even when wet
• Mint flavour: Delivers a burst of freshness to your mouth

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