Oral-B Pro-Expert Enamel Shield fluoride toothpaste

Oral-B Pro-Expert Enamel Shield toothpaste

Product Type: Oral-B Toothpaste

Acids contained in everyday food and drinks, such as citrus fruit and juice and carbonated drinks can attack and permanently dissolve the protective enamel on your teeth.
Oral-B Pro-Expert Enamel Shield Fluoride Toothpaste helps protect against enamel erosion.


With regular brushing, Oral-B Pro-Expert helps:
• Prevent Cavities
• Prevent Plaque
• Prevent Gum Problems
• Build increasing protection against painful sensitivity
• Prevent Tartar
• Whiten teeth by removing surface stains
• Prevent Enamel Erosion
• Freshen Breath


• Stabilised stannous and fluoride complex : stannous chloride and sodium
fluoride (1450 ppm F)
• Sodium hexametaphosphate (increased level)
• Silica

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