Oral-B® 3D White™ Whitestrips™


Product Type:Whitening


Oral-B Whitestrips provide simple, effective and convenient take-home whitening that can lead to future cosmetic work. Whitestrips are easy to use and provide fast, noticeable results. Wearing Whitestrips for just 60 minutes a day provides enamel-safe* home whitening. Patients will see noticeable results after only 1 week.†1

*When used as directed.
†Wearing for longer than directed can result in tooth sensitivity and/or gum discomfort.

References: 1. Data on file, P&G.


Benefits for your practice Benefits for your patient
• Minimal chairside time • Affordable whitening experience
• No impressions. No trays • Simple and safe application with minimal peroxide ingestion
• Added satisfaction with your practice • Well tolerated - minimal adverse effects
• Purchased exclusively in-office

3 steps to a beautiful, whiter smile

whiter smile1
  1. Peel strip from backing
  1. Apply gel side on front teeth
    • Align with gum line & press gently
    • Fold rest of strip behind teeth
  1. Reveal
    • Wear for 60 min
    • Remove & discard

    Only 1 hour once daily

  2. Removes up to 10 years of staining
  3. Provides noticeable and enamel-safe* home whitening in only 1 week†1
  4. Removes tough coffee, wine, and smoking stains

    Whitestrips technology delivers active ingredient, safely and effectively

    • Innovative polyethylene strip surface contains a fine layer of 5% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) gel (equivalent to 15% carbamide peroxide)
    • Thin strip allows for effective concentration of H2O2 at lower overall dose for effective removal of both extrinsic and intrinsic stains
    • Uniform layer of treatment for consistent whitening across teeth

    In-Office Dispensing

    In-Office Dispensing

    • Get started today – contact your Henry Schein® Representative.
    • To review The European Commission SCCP opinion on hydrogen peroxide in tooth whitening products, click here

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