Caries Process and Prevention Strategies: Epidemiology


This is part 1 of a 10-part series entitled Caries Process and Prevention Strategies. Oral epidemiology is the area of public health that deals with the distribution and the impact of oral disease on the human population. In this course, emphasis is placed on the relevance of epidemiology to clinical practice and information about the prevalence, incidence and trends of dental caries in the United States is presented. The term DMF (decayed, missing, and filled teeth) is introduced, along with variations and limitations of the DMF index, and an explanation of how to calculate DMF scores.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

  • Dr. Lo was a member of the Advisory Board.

Disclaimer:  Participants must always be aware of the hazards of using limited knowledge in integrating new techniques or procedures into their practice.  Only sound evidence-based dentistry should be used in patient therapy.

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