1. Based on the results of this study, what advice would you give to your patients?
  1. Do the findings of this survey:
  1. One of the following factors was NOT predictive of tooth loss in this study; which?
  1. Neglect of tooth-brushing:
  1. Although endodontists and GDPs differed in their disinfection protocols, which of the following showed no statistically significant differences?
  1. Which percentages of patients reported; some post-operative pain, a lot of pain initially and no pain during the procedure?
  1. In this study, which anaesthetic regimen provided the most significant success rate in mandibular molar teeth with irreversible pulpitis?
  1. Calcium hydroxide is superior to mineral trioxide aggregate in:Treatment success rate
  1. In relation to erosive protection, an over the counter dentifrice containing 1,100ppm fluoride:
  1. Which statement is true of the results of this study?
  1. Is it true to say that?
  1. The heavy smokers in this study:
  1. Which of the following statements is NOT true of children in this survey?
  1. Which one of the following relationships was found in this research?
  1. Which of the following suggests the most successful hierarchy of techniques for pulpotomy in primary teeth?
  1. Cognitive behavioural therapy:
  1. On the basis of this evidence which would be the safest scenario under which to have a Class II cavity prepared?
  1. For longevity in Class II restorations in primary teeth, which material would you use?
  1. One of the following combinations provided the best long-term clinical effectiveness, can you identify it?
  1. In order to minimise a rise in temperature in the pulp chamber during composite restoration placement would you?
  1. Invisalign patients:
  1. White spot lesions:
  1. One of the following was NOT identified by orthodontists as a predictor of adherence in adult orthodontic treatment. Please identify it.
  1. Cooperation with removable appliances
  1. Orthodontic extraction:
  1. Orthognathic surgery:
  1. Pick the characteristic of the propofol group which was distinct from the midazolam group:
  1. Patients using anticoagulant therapy:
  1. Is it true that?
  1. Implant supported overdentures:
  1. Intentionally replanted teeth:
  1. Using the results of this study as a guide with which statement would you agree?