1. Which of the following patients are more likely to lose molars?
  1. The risk of a first MI was significantly increased:
  1. Which of the following was true in this study?
  1. The risk of peri-implantitis is:
  1. In what order of importance did patients rate the following values?
  1. Profound pulpal anaesthesia in teeth with symptomatic irreversible pulpitis was achieved with:
  1. Which factor most influences the level of pain after endodontic treatment?
  1. In root treated teeth, what reduces cuspal strain and increases fracture resistance?
  1. Gingival recession in subjects with pre-existing recession:
  1. Which of the following fluoride formulations provided a significant difference in protection against erosion?
  1. Which were the most and least common preventive activities reported by this cohort of dentists
  1. Which group proved to have the highest caries rate?
  1. Which of the following does NOT represent the findings of this study?
  1. Parental acceptance of behaviour guidance techniques:
  1. What made these young children sad?
  1. The ART technique:
  1. Teeth with post-operative sensitivity:
  1. Which restorations showed the greatest risk of failure?
  1. Digital impressions are:
  1. What is the implication of this research? That:
  1. Is it likely that a social media approach to improving oral health during fixed orthodontic treatment can succeed?
  1. Which of the following is true using the results of this study?
  1. What were the main impact factors which affected the children’s lives?
  1. In which category were significant differences found between the FA and CAT groups?
  1. The ideal timing for extraction of non-restorable first permanent molars is:
  1. What significantly reduced the bacteraemia subsequent to tooth extraction?
  1. Which of the following doses was NOT tested in this research?
  1. Using an audiovisual presentation about third molar surgery prior to the procedure:
  1. Which of the following paired statements is true?
  1. In relation to peri-implantitis:
  1. Which of the following sets of factors are likely to lead to the greater chance of early implant failure?
  1. In patients taking bisphosphonates: