Dear Dentist, Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist

Welcome to this new edition of Dental Summary Review (DSR) for 2017 running until the year end. As previously, the Review includes summaries of carefully selected research papers from a wide range of journals and publications in print and online. This brings you an extensive selection of recently published research in one publication, saving you the need to search, as well as the additional advantage of being able to gain 3 hours of verifiable CPD.

You, or a colleague, may not have received this issue of DSR in this hard copy form and as a reminder, online responses are now recorded at www.dentalcare.com (although you may still add your CPD hours to your global account at www.stephenhancocks.com)

Printed copies have been sent to as many professionals who have responded to previous issues as it has been possible to identify and authenticate, as addresses are no longer published by the GDC. We apologise if we have missed you or a colleague. Further printed copies may be available from your Oral-B territory manager but DSR is also downloadable at www.dentalcare.com

The format of DSR works as follows. Each research summary ends with a question with four possible answers, only one of which is correct in the context of that summary. To gain 3 hours of verifiable CPD you can respond online for free at www.dentalcare.com where you can check your answers and store or immediately print your certificate. To respond by post please complete the answer form at the back of this booklet and return it by adding a stamp or placing it in a stamped envelope. Additionally, please note your answers on the pages of DSR to check them against the correct answers, which will be sent with your certificate if you submit by post or are given online. There is a 50% pass mark requirement before you can receive a CPD certificate.

We always welcome your feedback which, while we are pleased to report is overwhelmingly positive, gives us helpful ideas for future developments and additions. Our aim is to continually improve this educational service so please do continue to share your comments with us. P&G Professional Oral Care proudly sponsors DSR, and through it the contribution it makes to professional education and thereby improve your practice and patient care.