1. Which of the following statements can be made based on this research?

  1. Participants in this study:
  1. Periodontitis is:
  1. Does frequent recreational use of cannabis result in?
  1. Which obturation technique ensured the greatest sealer penetration into dentinal tubules?
  1. If you had to retreat a root filled upper incisor tooth with chronic apical periodontitis which of the following would cause your patient less postoperative pain?
  1. Would it be true to say that?
  1. In this study:
  1. In order to improve the outcome of mucogingival surgery which measure might be best to consider? Recommending:
  1. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
  1. Children who required treatment under conscious sedation:
  1. Which of these patients has the greatest likelihood of a caries process occurring on the distal aspect of a second mandibular molar? A patient with:
  1. It would appear that:
  1. Giving oral health education (OHE) using a computer game:
  1. Candida:
  1. Decision aids:
  1. For at least five-year longevity, which type of post seems most effective on an endodontically treated tooth in need of restoration
  1. Using an aqueous slurry of calcium phosphates:
  1. What were the reasons put forward for the change in causes of failure of composite in the two time periods studied? 
  1. The ART-based approach to manging childhood caries:
  1. Low-level laser therapy:
  1. Orthodontic brackets:
  1. In this study, obese patients:
  1. Orthodontic or surgical proclination of lower incisors
  1. Changing the designation ‘oral and maxillofacial surgeon’ (OMS) to ‘oral and facial surgeon’:
  1. Ethicon Silk 4/0 as a suture material:
  1. Non-metal clasp dentures were perceived as having a positive quality of life effect on:
  1. Pending further study on its effects on acrylic, which of the following is an effect anti-bacterial agent with the potential for denture cleaning?
  1. Overall implant failures were associated with which two risks?
  1. To give a greater chance of immediate placement implant success would you?
  1. Single tooth implants in the maxilla:
  1. What category of patient would be more likely to experience early implant failure?