1. Periodontal inflammation and self-perceived oral symptoms were highest amongst which group?
  1. Obesity:
  1. Which of the following statements is true based on the results of this study?
  1. A low attachment loss at age 30 meant that subjects:
  1. The Hall Technique:
  1. Which form of oral problems did parent feel most guilty about in their children?
  1. An oscillating-rotating power toothbrush:
  1. On the basis of these results do you think that?
  1. For these investigations into protecting human teeth against the initiation and progression of dental erosion, which of the following is true of the findings?
  1. Did six-monthly application of fluoride varnish?
  1. Fluoride varnish:
  1. Which of the following was caused by use of a xylitol chewing gum?
  1. Overall, which factor is most decisive in predicting a successful outcome to orthodontic treatment?
  1. In relation to orthodontic treatment:
  1. Diabetes mellitus
  1. Which of the following did a preoperative oral administration of a single dose of 40 mg prednisolone cause?
  1. What are the main advantages to the use of 3D printing in maxillofacial surgery?
  1. If you were advising a patient about to make a decision on jaw surgery, would you?
  1. Which of the following statements fairly represents the results of this review?
  1. From the results of this survey:
  1. Replacing complete dentures in this population lead to:
  1. Which is true of the results of this study?
  1. Referring to the ‘implant level’ statistics for implant survival rates, veneer chipping and marginal bone loss, which is the correct sequence ofresults?
  1. The prevention/removal of one risk factor would reduce 37%, 7%, and 39% of periodontitis, dental caries, and peri-implant pathology cases respectively. Which is it?