Modification of Toothbrush

Modification of oral hygiene aids may be necessary.

The manual brush can be modified to suit the hands of patients who can no longer grip and manipulate an object with a small handle. Various materials can be used, from foam wrap to a bicycle handle grip. Toothbrushes, such as the Crest® Complete, Crest Clean Expressions, and Crest Triple Effect and have been designed to clean effectively between teeth.

Manufacturers have recognized the needs of older adults in many ways, including increasing the availability of toothbrushes with broaders handles.The two-material grip on the handle may also prove beneficial for the patient with compromised dexterity and limited range of shoulder motion.

Modification of electric devices may be necessary.

Electric toothbrushes are often easier to grip and may be more effective for a patient affected by arthritis. Electric toothbrush handles also can be modified with a variety of materials to best suit the needs of a patient.

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