Hand Hygiene

Hand Hygiene (ce590) - introduction
Introduction – Hand Hygiene

This course, advisory in nature and informational in content, (1) presents the background essential to understand the importance of hand hygiene in healthcare settings; (2) provides evidence based information related to handwashing, hand antisepsis (i.e., antiseptic handwash and antiseptic hand rub), and surgical hand antisepsis; and (3) discusses strategies to improve hand hygiene practices.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

  • Dr. MacNeill reports no conflicts of interest associated with this course.
  • Dr. Terézhalmy has done consulting work for Procter & Gamble and has served on the dentalcare.com Advisory Board.

Disclaimer: Participants must always be aware of the hazards of using limited knowledge in integrating new techniques or procedures into their practice. Only sound evidence-based dentistry should be used in patient therapy.

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