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By Trevor Burke

The rise and rise and rise of toothwearology!

Tooth wear, in the past, was treated by gross destruction of teeth using a turbine drill for crown preparations – a strange way to treat teeth which were already compromised! However, advances in bonding techniques have enabled the use of minimally invasive treatment using composite resin bonded to worn surfaces. This presentation will discuss the optimum bonding agents for this treatment, how to achieve an aesthetic improvement where needed – the concept of pragmatic aesthetics, and will indicate the rates of success which might be expected.


After attending this presentation, the delegate should:

  • Be aware that tooth wear is becoming an increasing problem
  • Know the contemporary concepts for treatment using the so-called Dahl concept
  • Have information on the materials which will provide optimum rates of success
  • Know the potential for success using composite restorations bonded to worn teeth




By Louis Mackenzie

How to make fillings look like teeth!

Direct restorations are the optimal minimally invasive method of restoring damaged anterior and posterior teeth. However the accurate shaping of posterior composites and amalgams can be challenging and restoring the complex optical properties of anterior teeth can be even more difficult. This lecture will provide detailed practical tips for the easy, predictable anatomical shaping of posterior composite and amalgam restorations, using a unique step-by-step system designed at Birmingham Dental School. The lecture will also outline the fundamental principles of aesthetics, enabling delegates to optimise all clinical stages of direct anterior composite restorations. Lecture design will follow a logical programme progressing through mandibular and maxillary molars, premolars and finally anterior teeth. Delegates will also receive a hardcopy ‘chairside guide’ to inform the functional and aesthetic restoration of anterior and posterior teeth.


This lecture aims to provide practical guidelines for the anatomical direct restoration of anterior and posterior teeth.


By the end of this lecture delegates will be able to demonstrate detailed understanding of the fundamental anatomical features of anterior and posterior teeth and will be able to refine their practical skills in the following subject areas:

  • Freehand shaping of class I and small class II composite restorations
  • Systematic shaping protocols for complex posterior composite restorations
  • Fast, efficient carving techniques for large amalgams (while we still can!)
  • Placement, shaping and polishing techniques for anterior composites

Learning outcomes

By the end of this lecture delegates will be able to enhance patient care by predictably restoring the aesthetics and function of damaged teeth using direct restorative materials.

These lectures are aimed at dentists, dental hygienists and dental hygiene therapists.  Other team members can gain three hours of free verifiable CPD by requesting a copy of ‘Dental Summary Review – Team Issue’. You can get these from your local representative. If you’re unsure who your representative is, please call 0870 242 18



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Trevor Burke


Trevor Burke graduated from Queens University in Belfast, and, following academic appointments in Belfast and Manchester, he worked in general dental practice in Manchester from 1974 to 1996, whilst also working in the Unit of Restorative Dentistry at the University of Manchester. He has been Professor of Primary Dental Care at the University of Birmingham and Honorary Consultant in Restorative Dentistry since  2000. 

Trevor is (co)author of 320 papers in peer-reviewed journals and three books. He has been awarded over 80 research grants.  His main research interests include the translation of in vitro research on dental materials into the clinical situation. In this regard, he co-ordinates the work of the PREP (Product Research and Evaluation by Practitioners) Panel, established in 1993, a group of dentists who carry out research in their practices.  He is also the Editorial Director of Dental Update. Trevor’s time at the University is mainly spent being Director of the Masters course in Advanced General Dental Practice, this having been established 15 years ago as a campus-based course, and which is now a Distance course designed to suit the busy lives of dental practitioners anywhere in the world.


Louis Mackenzie


Louis Mackenzie is a GDP working in Birmingham and is a clinical lecturer at the University of Birmingham School of dentistry and in the postgraduate department at King’s college London. He delivers lectures nationally and internationally on direct and indirect restorative techniques and minimally invasive dentistry and runs a series of popular hands-on courses. He is a member of Dental Update’s editorial board, is academic lead of Birmingham University’s new MSc in Restorative dentistry and is the head of clinical training at Simplyhealth Professionals.

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