New Products Hit High Street

Posted 12/07/2013

Up To Date

From July Oral-B’s new Pro-Expect Gum Protection toothpaste will be in the high street along with their Premium ProFlex manual toothbrush and Floss. These products were sampled and launched to the Profession back in April. So what’s new about them?

The Pro-Expert Gum Protection contains stannous chloride (as well as stabilized stannous fluoride and polyphosphate). This results in 70% more bioavailable stannous, thus enhancing the bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties of the formula, making it ideal for those patients with periodontal problems. As with all Pro-Expert paste you can be reassured that your patients will also be protected against plaque formation, caries development, calculus formation, dentinal hypersensitivity, staining and oral malodour!

Oral-B Pro-Expert Premium Pro Flex is a manual toothbrush with flexible ‘wings’ which allow it to adjust to the unique contours of an individual’s teeth and gums. These wings are flexible, ensuring no gingival damage, but are firm enough to facilitate a 35% greater plaque reduction at the gingival margin versus an ADA standard brush. More impressively, a 93.5% reduction in interproximal plaque versus baseline can be observed with its regular use as well as a 26% reduction in gingival bleeding versus baseline in just four weeks!

The new Pro-Expert Premium Floss contains a monofilament strand which is non-shredding and slips easily between even the tightest of contacts. In clinical trials 75% of patients preferred this type of floss and sited ease of use as the main reason.

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