Oral-B at BDTA 2013

Posted 29/10/2013

Oral-B at BDTA 2013

Oral-B were a Gold Sponsor at this year’s Dental Showcase and chose the occasion to exhibit their leading power toothbrush, the Oral-B Triumph with SmartGuide whose gentle action provides exceptional gum health. In a clinical trial 93% of patients reduced their brushing force within one month using the Oral-B 5000 Series*.

The show also provided an opportunity to talk about the innovation of stabilised stannous fluoride in Oral-B’s Pro-Expert Gum Protection toothpaste. The most recently launched Gum Protection variant is enhanced by the inclusion of stannous chloride as well as the powerful combination of stabilized stannous fluoride and polyphosphate. This results in 70% more bioavailable stannous, thus enhancing the bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties of the formula, making it ideal for those patients with periodontal problems.

Oral-B reps were on hand to advise delegates of ways in which they can gain free CPD, including the company’s popular Up To Date seminars and Dental Summary Review (DSR) as well as encouraging delegates to visit www.dentalcare.com which details the latest programmes as well as news, practice support material and samples. This website is being constantly updated to ensure it contains novel material that will benefit users. For more information call 0870 242 1850.

* Janusz K et al. J Contemp Dent. Pract. 2008 ;9 (7) 1-13

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