Will you go that extra s-mile?

Posted 04/04/2014

extra smile

‘500 Miles 4 500 Smiles’ passes through 32 different locations, from Christina’s first dental practice in Kirriemuir, Scotland, to her current practice on the south coast in Brighton. The money raised will go towards mouth cancer, a disease experts have forecast will rise within the next decade, and Christina hopes as many people as possible will support her endeavour. Mouth cancer is one of the very few forms of cancer on the rise and it currently claims more lives than testicular and cervical cancer combined. Christina said: 'I feel very passionate about improving oral health and I am sure this is a sentiment all of my fellow professionals would echo. 'We all have a responsibility to help beat oral cancer and you have the chance to join me and help to make a difference. 'By donating just £10, you could potentially prompt someone into getting checked out, a move that could save their life.' Chief executive of the British Dental Health Foundation, Dr Nigel Carter OBE, said:' I am delighted and honoured that Christina has chosen to raise money for Mouth Cancer Action Month. 'Every year for the last decade we have seen the number of cases, and unfortunately deaths from this disease increase. 'With Christina’s generous support and donation, we can continue to educate the public about the risk factors and the signs and symptoms.' To sign up and get involved in the campaign, please visit www.500miles4smiles.org. To view the interactive map please use the following QR code.

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