Diane Vernetti-Callahan, RDH, MS Ed

Diane Vernetti-Callahan

Diane Vernetti-Callahan is a dental hygiene faculty at Madison College, Madison, Wisconsin, since 2000. She received her BS degree from Marquette University and her MS degree from University of Wisconsin, Platteville. Diane was an associate professor at the University of Minnesota, School of Dental Hygiene, where she began her teaching career. She has a combined 30 years’ experience in education and clinical practice with an interdisciplinary background in health and wellness. In addition to teaching, Diane is a regular contributor to Procter and Gamble’s continuing education courses as well as a published author in ADHA Access magazine on the topic of Nutrigenomics. Diane is the Program Coordinator for “More Smiles Wisconsin” and a Board Advisor for Madison College Honors Program.

Updated: Oct 2018

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